J.W. Timber Ltd is a FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody certified company. We are independently audited to ensure we maintain the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

FSC® Chain of Custody Number: INT-COC-003944.533 - click here to view

FSC® License Code: FSC-C109654

PEFC Registration Number: INT-PEFC-COC-1119-533 - click here to view

PEFC Logo License Number: PEFC/16-37-1404

Certified sources provide reassurance that legal and responsible forestry is being undertaken. Providing timber is responsibly sourced it is a very environmentally friendly raw material used for an enormous variety of products.

In addition to the above, at J.W. Timber we have also implemented the following:

Not only do we constantly work hard to maximise the full use of the timber we import and process, we also ensure sales are taken and orders worked to supply the minimum amount of waste to the customer from the very beginning.

Offcuts from our own yard are selected and regraded in order to be recycled. All solid waste from our sawmill, which is impractical to recover, is either re-cut as firewood enabling some local solid fuel users to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels or donated to a local school for the students to work with. Our sawdust and shavings are used by local farmers for animal bedding or sent to be used as biomass fuel.

Please ask for our FSC® and PEFC certified products.