We are an independent stockist working closely with UK distributors. Our comprehensive range of stock sizes includes:

25x150mm, 25x200mm, 38x150mm, 38x200mm, 50x125mm, 50x150mm, 50x200mm
63x100mm, 63x125mm, 63x150mm, 63x200mm, 75x100mm, 75x125mm, 75x150mm, 75x200mm


Those customers who have used Accoya® are seeing the benefits, in particular the time and cost saving of snagging generally on window and door joinery.


Customers who are yet to embrace Accoya®, please click here to see the great benefits of this modified softwood.


We are able to arrange a free training session which can be held at your works, run by Accsys, the Accoya® processing Company.  They will show the advantages and instruct on the working methods required.