Also referred to as joinery softwood, pine or red deal this is one of the most widely used softwoods. We only stock the highest grade which is known as unsorted grade. The name refers to the fact that commercially softwoods are graded 1 - 6. The lower 5th and 6th grades are separated off for uses such as pallets, fencing and more general applications leaving the remaining top 1-4 grades combined in an 'unsorted' grade.

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Produced from European redwood we hold two planed finished laminated sections primarily aimed for staircase production, please click here for more information.


Clear and better Softwood



If you require a higher grade of softwood or a solid width over 225mm we have the option of southern yellow pine. Sourced from North America this softwood specie has a higher density than European redwood giving it natural strength, impact and wear resistance as well as very good screw and nail holding properties. It is also normally available in lengths 4.2m and longer.

Grade - 25mm and 38mm thicknesses are Saps Grade. 50mm thick is Prime and Better.

Please see below for sizes available and more information.

European Redwood<br>(also known as Joinery Softwood)

European Redwood
(also known as Joinery Softwood)

Durability & Density: Non- Durable & 510kg/M³

Colour: Reddish Brown to pale Creamy White.

Characteristics: Growth rings evident, generally knotty and lightly resinous.

Working properties: Machines reasonably well though knots and splits may need care.

Uses: Interior & exterior Joinery (with addtional coatings/preservatives)

Sizes available: 25x150mm, 25x225mm, 38x225mm, 50x225mm, 63x225mm, 75x225mm

American Southern Yellow Pine

American Southern Yellow Pine

Durability & Density: Moderately Durable & 660kg/M³

Colour: Yellowish to Brown.

Characteristics: Very distinct growth rings and very resinous.

Working properties: Though quite hard it machines reasonably well and resin may cause sticking. Very good screw and nail holding.

Uses: Interior Joinery particularly staircases.

Sizes available: 25x300mm, 38x300mm, 50x300mm

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