Monday 5th July 2021



Continuing with Pre-Order at an agreed collection time for the foreseeable future.


Covid restrictions with “click and collect / pre-arranged collection time” service has worked well at JW Timber over the last 16 months.

With the imminent “Boris” announcement of lifting the restrictions and getting back to normality, we have been met with other challenges so we will be continuing with this service and not reverting to business pre-Covid.


WHY (you may ask):

At JW Timber, we are introducing new staff into the business which takes time to do whilst also ensuring your needs are met and our quality and service are of the “normal” standard.

Stock – Global pressures on all forest products have seen reduced availability along with increased prices so by ordering via phone/email the stock can be allocated and reserved.  Allowing “free for all” collections would be similar to the “toilet roll” situation at supermarkets last year.


WHAT you can do:

Pre-order via phone or email and arrange a collection time and date.



Please do not arrive without placing an order expecting to collect materials.

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